A blog of a girl who has a lot to say, if people around her only listen.

Being born and raised in a beautiful archipelago of 7,107 islands which God has blessed so much, I have always wanted to read and write. In my past sixteen years of existence, I have been focusing on my studies, and blogging came as one of my hobbies-stress relievers, if I may say so. I have many things to say, I have an opinion on everything. But strangely, I find it hard to share these thoughts with others, personally and even here. I have never found someone whom I can talk to about everything, except God.

I started blogging with no other goal than to share my thoughts and have fun. I’m glad that I did it because I have read so many inspiring stories and seen so many interesting people. I will continue to blog like this, I will. I don’t know until when, I don’t know how, but if it is for me, I will find a way. I guess I will find out soon.

For now, sit back and enjoy your life! I’m  enjoying mine. 🙂

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