My Earliest Memory [Weekly Writing Challenge : I Remember]

I thought about writing my most painful experience, but then I realized I already did that. So I’m going for my first memory. Or the one I remember anyways.


Our scene takes us to a beach in Subic, Zambales. I was almost one year old, I think. Everyone was having fun in the water and me? I was on the foldable bed made of banig. It was under the shade of some tree in the sand. Wearing nothing but a black swimsuit with yellow and orange ribbons on it, I sat there contented. Until, the bed folded on its own, that is. The bed folded up to its original position and I went tumbling on the sand. I don’t remember the exact feeling, but I was pretty sure it hurt. I don’t know how it happened even now and I think that’s weird.

Well, the time’s up. Bye now.


This is a response to this week’s writing challenge. Click the link for more! 🙂


Well, what can you say? :)

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