At the Desk

Light comes from the large, rectangular sliding windows behind the computer. The Roman shades, in a wonderful pattern of alternating light blue and lavender with gold tassels at the ends, help in limiting the amount of light that enters the room. Through the windows one can see a mix of metal fencing, green vegetation and cloudy skies.

At the computer, a girl in her teenage years is busy typing away. At the computer desk are a few things she has been trying to accomplish in the past hours. An unedited survey questionnaire printed on brown, vintage-style paper. A half-finished Filipino homework on El Filibusterismo.  A trusty black pen from Japan. These items are all sprawled over the limited space made of laminated wood.  The computer speakers are on, as evident in the glowing blue light coming from it. On one side of the desk are two boxes placed upon one another. The one on top is an empty bow of Gap Chocolate biscuit sticks, and the box looks just as delicious as its contents. The box underneath is a box of playing cards which her parents often occupy themselves with after eating.

The girl is still typing away, her face emotionless as she presses the keys and checks the outcome in the 20-inch monitor. She is not yet satisfied; she must do more. All the comforts of home surround her as she continues to reach for her dreams.


I had fun making this! For more descriptive articles, go to this week’s writing challenge.


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