That is not a random string of letters and numbers. That happens to be the hex triplet for the color blue-green, which I prefer to talk about for this week’s writing challenge.

I have been seeing blue-green since I was young, and it did not mean anything. My appreciation for this color actually started just a few weeks back. I think I mentioned in a post that I saw this really nice-looking guy with braces in a contest I joined. We tied at second place so the tie-breakers were brought in. I won second place and he won third. If I remembered correctly(let’s assume that I do), the rubber on his brackets were in this beautiful color: blue-green.

I told this friend about that occasion, and she just started calling me blue-green all of a sudden. I was absent from school once because of fever, and I asked her to take down notes for me. When the paper was handed to me that afternoon, I saw the first line she wrote: Yo, blue-greenI immediately felt better though I don’t know why. I mean, it’s not serious; it’s just a crush. But you know, some people just know what to say to make you feel better.

Also, last Saturday, we had our annual recollection, wherein we go to a school and the nuns and teachers there facilitate the recollection. We were to stay in the Grade 7 classroom and I decided to have a look around the room when break time came. I chanced upon this stack of small papers atop a box that I assumed was a suggestion box. And guess what the color of the paper on top was? Yes, blue-green.

Well, I’m not much of a sign seeker but I must admit that the experience made me appreciate blue-green unlike before.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color


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