My Happily Ever After..and Yours?

Dear you,

[Yes, that was not a typo. If you’re reading this, welcome to my world, the world of happily ever afters.]

I think HAPPILY ever afters happen in real life, whether people believe it or not. I believe that fate has its way of drawing us to our unique once-upon-a-times and that our stories will end up better than we imagined.

I’d like to believe that true love can really conquer all, that love between two people is strong enough to transcend boundaries and walls that keep them apart.

I don’t know for sure; I’m still too young to know about such things. But I’d like to hold on to my simple hopes and dreams of a happily EVER after. And I would love to be able to tell my future children and grandchildren how I had found it, simply because I believed I would.

I would tell them that it is not impossible, that it can happen. Although it may not be like those we see in fairy tales, I hope that we all get the happily ever AFTERS we truly deserve.

I try to think about it sometimes, and all I come up with is this: Happiness is subjective therefore my idea of a happily ever after is not the same as yours(unless you also want to marry a real-life prince, become a Broadway artist, and be a famous action star). But, they EXIST. They really do.

What do you think makes an ending a happily ever after?(Tell me about yours. Go on, leave a comment)

And in case you missed the point of this whole thing, look for the words in uppercase. That will hopefully summarize things easily for you. 🙂




Well, what can you say? :)

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