I’ll be on the lookout for this. 🙂


A little Tempest-uous is one way of describing Jane Eagland’s new book for Barrington Stoke. It’s for teens, it’s dyslexia friendly, and it’s been inspired by Shakespeare. At least I think it has.

Jane Eagland, Wild Song

It’s about Anna who lives on an island with her father, and his assistant and a couple of servants. Everything is ‘fine’ and Anna rather fancies the assistant. She is grateful to him for being so kind to her.

That’s when a young man is washed ashore and almost left for dead. Anna finds out new things from him, and her view of the world changes.

This is nicely romantic and it gets quite exciting when…

I imagine someone who comes fresh to Wild Song will find it intriguing and will hopefully want to read more like it. As for me, I would obviously have liked it to be longer, but there is a reason why it’s…

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