**Division Schools Press Conference 2012-Editorial Writing (Secondary-English)**

0840 A.M. @ Marcelo: This is one of the crucial parts of the contest. Waiting for it to start. There are butterflies in my stomach. I desperately wish I could walk around the room, but I can’t so I stay where I am- the fourth seat on the third row (if you’re facing me). My partner-in-crime 🙂 Julia is at the other end of the room. It’s quite hot since the fans don’t function.

0845: I realized I’m a little sleepy. I actually YAWN.

0849: It seems as if we’re having a patience test.

0851: Have I mentioned that we’ve been sitting here doing nothing for the past 20 minutes or so?

0905: And she arrives!

0920: We start making our articles.

1020: I walk out of the room but the nervousness doesn’t go away.

1100: I wasn’t sure earlier this morning but now I AM!!! It’s really him! The MACIPRISA guy! Guess what he’s wearing. Checkered again! I still don’t know his name though, and the only things preventing me from finding out are 1) my school’s reputation and 2) my classmates’ presence.

1700: The awarding ceremony for high school hasn’t begun yet. I’m tired and bored. Plus, the screams are killing me. Honestly, my ears hurt. Anyway. I haven’t seen him since this morning. 😦

1725(?): OMG!!!! He won!!! He won 1st place in Newswriting (English). He’s going to the Regionals…

1730: …And I’m not. :(( I guess competitive journalism is just not for me, no?


P.S.: As I’ve said in my other post, if you think the guy is YOU or you know him, tell me all about it. Don’t worry, I don’t bite. 🙂 I’m still crossing my fingers.. hoping he doesn’t see this blog. Haha. He doesn’t know me anyway. 😀


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